The Messy Phase of Metamorphosis

Since returning from Paris, I’ve been on quite an internal journey. Paris changed me, and upon returning to my usual world, I was not my usual self.

It took me a little while to recognize that I had set foot into what’s called the Neutral Zone*; that in-between terrain where the old way of life no longer exists and the new way has not yet formed.

It’s like the caterpillar in her cocoon, where she completely disintegrates into goo before transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

This in-between place is uncomfortable, messy and awkward. We are used to holding onto our identities, our definitions of ourselves, our usual ways of doing life. Who are we without all of these?

But we must let go of all those habits, beliefs, definitions, ways of being and doing, just like the caterpillar must dissolve everything that made her a caterpillar in order to become a butterfly.

However, in our desperate attempt not to die to the self we know, we wrestle, we flail about, we...

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Questions For Going Beyond Overwhelm

A theme that often arises in my work with women is overwhelm...

They feel overwhelmed with all that they're juggling, or all the amazing creative ideas they have, and end up feeling daunted by everything rather than enlivened by it all.

They end up stopping or spinning their wheels, never getting traction or the satisfaction of bringing their book into the world or that passion project they know is their unique contribution to offer to the world.

In case you can relate to any of this, here are some questions to assist you in going beyond overwhelm so you can create - and ENJOY - more of what's really important to you.
Questions for Going Beyond Overwhelm
1. What's really important to you? Are you prioritizing that? 
If not, acknowledge that (without judgment) and realize you can begin prioritizing what's really important to you starting right now. PRIORITIZATION supports you in getting out of overwhelm so that rather than feeling like EVERYTHING's gotta get...
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#konmari this...

I admit, I haven’t watched the Netflix series yet...

Nor have I read her #1 NY Times bestselling book...

But I’m definitely aware of the latest craze of “tidying up” with Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method™ of keeping only that which sparks joy in your home.

Kondo’s philosophy is similar to my “Live Your Yes” approach to life and business...

What lights you up, sparks joy and tickles your pleasure?

What inspires your heart to beat with a big ol’ YES?

When you keep choosing that and moving towards that and inviting that energy to be your compass and guide, magic unfolds.

But be aware: One of the biggest obstacles to having all the success and magic you know is possible doesn’t live in a cluttered pile in your closet; it lives inside of you.

What is it?


So whether or not you #konmari your home and office this month, #konmari any self-doubt that is holding you back from living,...

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All You Desire? It’s on the Other Side of this… (The “R” Word)

I’ve been discovering a ton about “resistance” lately, about its many different disguises and how it shows up right when I’m on the edge of another evolutionary leap.

Like last week it showed up as heaviness and grumpiness.

It’s also shown up as tightening my grip on the wheel, wanting to feel more in control as I feel more out of control with the changes I’m choosing.

And then (thank heavens for awareness)... I catch myself and SEE the RESISTANCE for what it is: the bouncers at the edge of my comfort zone.

“You sure you want to go beyond this familiar territory? We don’t think you want to do that. No. We’re going to remind you of how scary it is out there, in the unknown. It’s way better to stay in here where we can be in charge, and keep you tame and limited.”

Living with resistance is like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. YOU NEVER GET WHERE YOU DESIRE TO GO!...

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4 Steps to Move Beyond the Shame Trap

I’ve been stretching beyond my comfort zone a lot lately, making bold invitations and investments in support of my business growth.

I’d been riding a high, feeling a lot of excitement with the expansion.

And then, BAM… the discomfort of being outside my comfort zone caught up with me.

As I sat in my car outside the yoga studio on Sunday, I felt sick to my stomach. There was a bubbling and pulsing energy in my belly. And it wasn’t from something I’d eaten.

It was from something I’d done.

I wanted to hide. I wanted to go back in time and take back the latest bold invitation I’d made.

I imagine you know this feeling inside yourself. It’s the shame trap.

On the entrepreneurial path, shame can arise in response to so many things:

  • Shame about not putting yourself out there
  • Shame about putting yourself out there
  • Shame about ...
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5 Steps to Claim Your Value

I know you care about serving your clients.

And about making the world a better place by sharing your gifts.

That’s why I have to tell you about the blind spot stopping you from serving more clientsearning more money, and leaving your mark on the world.

This blind spot is so hidden, so huge, so bad, that you don’t even know the degree it is eroding your business: it’s costing you clients, confidence, and the crazy wild success you dream of.

It wreaks havoc in your business in many ways:

– how you talk about yourself

– how you talk about what you do

– how much you charge for your services, and

– how you market yourself

So what is this Big Bad Blind Spot?


I know… it’s pretty scary to see your full light. It’s very common for your gifts to be hidden in the back of the closet.

When you’re not seeing your...

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