What Clients Are Saying

We served hundreds of people and made multiple 6-figures.

Not only does Megan have a gift for putting words to the unique value I provide my clients, she was also quickly able to assess our strategy and provide suggestions that allowed us to reach more people, increase our profits and make a bigger difference. I’m so grateful.

Muneeza Ahmed
Intuitive Medicine Woman™

We had a 62% increase in sales!

We were ready to nail our annual launch and knew from previous launches that our copy wasn’t compelling action, so we hired Megan to write copy for us.

Megan helped us capture attention and connect with more women in our community with her compelling headlines and emails targeted to each of our niches. She also supported us in leveraging our JV relationships. With Megan’s support, we nailed our launch and had a 62% increase in sales from the year before!

Working with Megan was absolutely worth the investment. Her listening, leadership and enthusiasm contributed so much to our launch. I highly recommend her. If you’re looking to uplevel your launch, enlist Megan’s genius.

Dr. Saida Désilets 
Author of Desire & Advocate for Women's Sexual Sovereignty

We had a 6-figure launch! And we're just getting started...

I was referred to Megan to have her write copy for the rebrand of my website. I was concerned about the investment and whether Megan would be able to capture the soulful nature of my work with her words.

As it turns out, I didn't need to be concerned! Megan really did get me and that was so refreshing. She saw the richness in my message and wanted everything that's associated with it to emulate that quality.

Megan also helped me create a brand new course that was offered to The Shift Network’s community of over 600K people. We celebrated a 6-figure launch with this first course and impacted hundreds of lives.

I’ve already received my return on investment - and then some! And we’re just getting started!

Bernadette Pleasant
Founder, The Emotional Institute

Megan can help you rock your business with authentic and lucrative copy!

Megan’s copywriting support has been an essential ingredient to our success. She has contributed to all of our $6 & $7-figure launches over the past few years. 

Megan has a gift for bringing forth the true message of your business and your heart, and helping you communicate this in a way that shows your ideal clients how they can benefit from your greatest gifts, which is a win-win for everyone. She can help you rock your business with authentic and lucrative copy!

Sage Lavine
CEO, Women Rocking Business

We celebrated our first 5-figure launch!

I started working 1:1 with Megan to get clarity on how to describe my offers in ways that would attract even more clients. Mid-way through working together, Megan started coaching my team, too, to support us with the launch of our new group program.

Megan supported us in getting out of doubt and overwhelm so we could confidently own our offers and show up as even more magnetic leaders. We were happy to celebrate a 5-figure launch of our new program! And we’re grateful knowing we’re now set up for even more success when we open doors to our program again in the future.

We LOVED working with Megan as she really helped us get out of our own f'n way to create our dream-come-true!

Elvira V. Hopper
Founder, The Love Your Vibe Transformation

From deer in headlights to $16K in 3 weeks!

When I came to Megan, I was like a deer in headlights. Even though I had already invested in a lot of marketing training, I still didn’t know how to create a program around my gifts, let alone market myself!

In working with Megan, I put together my first program and made over $50,000 in my first year of business. As I cleared limiting beliefs around money, I also increased my package prices by 20% and made $16K in less than a month.

I’m more confident with being visible and now that I have a foundation in heart-based copywriting, I’m no longer afraid of marketing myself!

Maurine Xavier
Breakthrough Coach and Sacred Channel

I said YES to my expertise and discovered my power.

As a published author, international speaker and sought out coach, I am now claiming my power and expertise. But it wasn't always this way.

Working with Megan served as a catalyst: she invited me, again and again, to acknowledge my brilliance and come from the space of "What else is possible?"

In so doing, I've created more success for myself and my communities, both online and offline. And the biggest gift? I'm now including myself fully in my life. This gives me a tremendous amount of joy and peace. Thank you!

Mary Wong
CEO, Optimal Life Solutions


Megan helps you find your voice as an author.

Megan is a true co-creator. She is open, flexible and holds amazing space for the creative process. Her ability to track themes and energies, organize on a large scale and pull information from me with her questions invited more depth and richness into my book. Megan empowers you to hone your own writing abilities and in the process assists you in finding your voice as an author. I look forward to working with her on many more projects!

Lauren Polly
Multi-Award Winning Author & Life Coach

I generated $40,000+ in the first launch of my group program.

Megan helped me get my first group program launched! She wrote sales page copy and promo emails that reflect my unique approach. I got rave reviews from my colleagues and mentors, and more importantly… my ideal clients!

I generated $40,000+ in the first launch of my group program. Investing in Megan’s support was so worth it. Now I have sales copy and promo materials I can re-use to fill my group program again and again, which means more impact and income. I’m thrilled!

Isabelle Peyrichoux
Founder and Career Coach

Megan inspired me to GO FOR IT!

I had the idea of creating a “Nourish Me” Card Deck for a while. When Megan brought forward her book of girls' stories, I got inspired. Why wait to bring my idea forward?

Megan encouraged me to keep saying YES to my idea. With her support, I birthed, "The Nourished Girls Project" along with our first product: the Nourish Me Card Deck. Now I'm collaborating with organizations like Athleta and iheartstudio to empower more girls in our community and around the world!

Amy Hudgens
Founder, Nourished Girls Project


I filled my program, made more money and claimed my power!

Working with Megan for a recent program launch took the struggle out of writing my copy so I could focus on the impact I wanted to have instead. Through her coaching, I gained greater clarity on who I really wanted to work with. As a result, I filled my program and have already made more money than I did last year (and it’s only August).

And the biggest gift I received from working with Megan? She helped me claim more of my power as an expert in working with men – and I’ve been doing this work for almost 15 years already. Claiming my power gave me more confidence, which makes for easier enrollment and creating collaborative business partnerships.

Working with Megan was one of the best investments I’ve made all year. Thank you!

Shana James
Coach & Dating Consultant, Ready 2 Date Again

The risk to be visible and choose what was joyful for me resulted in more clients and income.

Before working with Megan I was afraid to step into greater visibility with my business. My spiritual gifts were hiding in plain sight and it felt like too big of a risk to express them.

I chose to work with Megan because I wanted what she had: authentic expression and the confidence to share her voice. In our work together she encouraged me to claim my gifts and expertise, along with that which brings me joy.

That’s exactly what I’ve done. I chose a more focused niche working with clients I most enjoy. And I’m sharing more of my spiritual gifts through the new retreats I’m offering.

I discovered the risk to be visible and choosing what was most joyful for me resulted in more clients and income: I celebrated my best year so far during the time we worked together.

The biggest gift from our copywriting work together (which was so much more than that) is that I’m no longer intimidated by being visible anymore. I’m now standing in the warm glow of authentic expression and enjoying more satisfaction and success with my business.

Wendy Rogers, PhD
Coach & Psychologist

Megan helped me take my business to places I’d never been.

Megan is an exceptional creative force. For my coaching business, she masterfully helped me design my curriculum from a bunch of jumbled ideas to a solid plan for client success. She has a bad-ass ability to cut through and see things I couldn’t see… helping me take my business (and thus my life!) to places I’d never been before.

Kristen Moeller M.S.

Literary Agent, Author, TEDx Speaker, Coach

Megan will find a way to express your voice as if she had a pipeline into your soul.

Co-creating with Megan was not only a lot of fun and very fulfilling, she helped me see my program from a more reproducible framework that I can leverage. In working with her I discovered a much deeper level of clarity and confidence in the power of my program.

I am so happy I chose to work with Megan. I love the web copy she has provided and as a result of our rich conversations I’ve created three totally new products.

If you are looking for a copywriter who has the imagination, laser clarity and phenomenal facility to create captivating web copy, contact Megan. You will not only find a gem of a woman, but a highly talented, sensitive writer who will find a way to express your voice as if she had a pipeline into your soul.

Wendy Terriff
Women’s Wealth Coach


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