Would you like to have more money?

Would you like to have more ease with money?

Are you wondering what it’s gonna take to create a totally different financial reality?

Yeah. I hear you. That’s why I created this woo woo and pragmatic guide: to give you 4 specific tools and different perspectives you can play with to create more money, and really, more of what you desire in your life and business. Starting TODAY.

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About Megan Walrod M.A., C.F.M.W., the Creator of the Money Guide 

I’m an author, copywriter and business coach. Over the past decade I’ve shown hundreds of entrepreneurs how to build profitable and purposeful businesses. I’ve supported clients in having $6- and $7-figure launches. I’m super passionate about empowering women (and girls) to find their voice, claim their value and share their gifts with the world.

One of my most exciting projects right now is the book I’m co-writing with the non-profit I volunteered with in Uganda and the girls in their programs. The book is called, “We Have Something To Say: True Stories From Adolescent Girls Growing Up In The Slums Of Kampala.”

So you see? When we HAVE MORE we can GIVE MORE.

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What if the woo woo is an invitation to play with more of the potency you truly be and the capacities you have to create a totally different financial reality?


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