The Power of Writing Prompts

Natalie Goldberg. Know her? Love her like I do?

I read her book, “Writing Down the Bones,” in my 20’s and it contributed so much to my writing. She provided writing prompts followed by the instructions: “Pen to page. No stopping. Go. Ten minutes.”

Every morning this month I’ve been enjoying re-reading a few pages from her book, “Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir,” and using her prompts to inspire and guide my writing.

What I love about writing prompts is that they serve as doorways into your depths… with pen to page and the editor in the backseat, your inner wisdom, hidden secrets, and other surprises are given a chance to pour forth onto the page and be revealed for what they are: gold.

Here’s a writing prompt from my morning reading: “List 30 ways you felt different from others as a child.”

>> Share below: what's 1 way you felt different from others as a child.

What would it be like to acknowledge your difference as a gift and receive more of the gold you may have been hiding inside?

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