The Messy Phase of Metamorphosis

Since returning from Paris, I’ve been on quite an internal journey. Paris changed me, and upon returning to my usual world, I was not my usual self.

It took me a little while to recognize that I had set foot into what’s called the Neutral Zone*; that in-between terrain where the old way of life no longer exists and the new way has not yet formed.

It’s like the caterpillar in her cocoon, where she completely disintegrates into goo before transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

This in-between place is uncomfortable, messy and awkward. We are used to holding onto our identities, our definitions of ourselves, our usual ways of doing life. Who are we without all of these?

But we must let go of all those habits, beliefs, definitions, ways of being and doing, just like the caterpillar must dissolve everything that made her a caterpillar in order to become a butterfly.

However, in our desperate attempt not to die to the self we know, we wrestle, we flail about, we mistakenly believe something is wrong in all of this dissolution.

How can something so uncomfortable be the path to our ultimate liberation? How can something so messy ever be magical?

But there are gifts in the Neutral Zone. It’s fertile ground, full of potential, full of possibility, full of the gifts within that you once hid from yourself, that are now awaiting your discovery.

If any of this sounds familiar, then it’s quite possible you’re in the midst of your own Neutral Zone, too. The good news is that you’re not alone. I’m waving to you from my internal goo-space. 🤗The even good-er news is that you’re about to discover even more of your magic.

I’ve traversed the Neutral Zone many times myself, and facilitated others through this rich fertile soil, too. I have a lot of tools and resources for navigating this terrain, yet my all-time favorite is journaling, for journaling provides a doorway into your inner wisdom.

Since the Neutral Zone is ultimately an invitation to re-create yourself from the inside out, what better place to seek insight and guidance than from within?

Here are a few questions you can use to inspire your own Neutral Zone journaling:

  1. What have you been holding onto? (Even though you know it’s time to let go?)
  2. What comes up for you when you imagine letting go of that?
  3. What inside of you is asking for your attention?

Allow yourself to be surprised in your journaling.

Big love,

*“Neutral Zone” is a phrase that comes from William Bridges’ transition model; a model I studied in-depth and created and delivered trainings on when I was an organization development consultant.

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