My vegan Thanksgiving + failed pumpkin pie

In my late 20’s I decided to become a vegan. I’d already been a vegetarian for a few years so it wasn’t a huge stretch... for me.

But try visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday when your dad and brother are hunters and pride themselves on having shot the bird that’s put on display for the big turkey dinner.

“What d’ya mean you’re not going to eat any turkey?”

“You’ll eat the mashed potatoes, right? There's just milk and butter in them. That doesn’t count.”

In a good-hearted attempt to share with them the joys of veganism, I made a pumpkin pie for dessert. Only it wasn’t just any kind of vegan pumpkin pie: it was a TOFU pumpkin pie. (I don’t know what I was thinking!)

... I followed a recipe.

... Made sure I was the only one in the kitchen while I made it. (I didn’t want them to know it was tofu until after they fell in love with it.)

... And then wondered why, even after an hour in the fridge, it didn’t firm up. No matter how long I let it “set” it remained a soupy-like pudding swimming around in a crust.

Did I mention, I was the only one making dessert that year? There was no back-up. Just my failed attempt at a pumpkin pie, that ended up being served with copious amounts of whipped cream.

But even then, it wasn’t a winner. Nobody liked the tofu-taste. “Good thing we have extra turkey… that could be dessert,” my brother muttered to my dad with a wink in my direction.

So, I tried. I still don’t know why the tofu didn’t firm up. Did I over-measure one ingredient? Forget another one? I’m not sure.

But here’s what I learned from that vegan Thanksgiving:

  1. Even when using a recipe, it’s easy to take a mis-step and end up with a not-quite-what-it’s-meant-to-be dessert.
  2. When responsible for dessert for a large family of carnivores at Thanksgiving, give them what they’re asking for: traditional pumpkin pie (and save my tofu-desserts for myself).
  3. Keep a sense of humor. At least this soupy pumpkin pie fiasco was an improvement over the dinner where dad put his slice of pie upside down over his head to prove that the whipped cream would hold it in place on the plate… (he was wrong).

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Love, your no-longer-a-vegan and very-much-a-carnivore, foodie and wordy,

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