#konmari this...

I admit, I haven’t watched the Netflix series yet...

Nor have I read her #1 NY Times bestselling book...

But I’m definitely aware of the latest craze of “tidying up” with Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method™ of keeping only that which sparks joy in your home.

Kondo’s philosophy is similar to my “Live Your Yes” approach to life and business...

What lights you up, sparks joy and tickles your pleasure?

What inspires your heart to beat with a big ol’ YES?

When you keep choosing that and moving towards that and inviting that energy to be your compass and guide, magic unfolds.

But be aware: One of the biggest obstacles to having all the success and magic you know is possible doesn’t live in a cluttered pile in your closet; it lives inside of you.

What is it?


So whether or not you #konmari your home and office this month, #konmari any self-doubt that is holding you back from living, creating and having all you’re asking for.


See self-doubt for what it is:

  • BOUNCERS at the edge of your comfort zone. (Ever notice how the self-doubt gets louder when you start to make new choices and take different actions?)
  • INTERNALIZED VOICES that never even belonged to you that you’ve now taken on as true and real. (What would it be like to return those voices to sender with consciousness attached?)
  • STATIC designed to keep you living a limited life rather than being the unlimited creator of magnitude you truly be. (Static = clutter = tune your radio dial to a different station.)

Then, just like the #konmarimethod begins with “Rule #1: Commit yourself to tidying up,” commit to LIVING BEYOND self-doubt.

Notice I didn’t just say, “Commit to letting go of self-doubt.”

Committing to letting go of doubt keeps you in a perpetual cycle of dancing with self-doubt; clearing, clearing, clearing, yet still always being in some kind of wrestling match with this thing we call doubt.

I suggest something more radical: see it for what it is and keep choosing beyond it.

Know that doubt may arise (it’s not about it not arising) and let go of your reaction and resistance to it. How? Stop seeing it as true and real.

Rule #2 in the KonMari Method is, “Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle.”

This is your next step: ask yourself, what future are you aware of? What future are you asking for?

Lift your eyes from the clutter and imagine this. See this. Begin to be this. And make this future what you’re more committed to.

What else is possible when you #konmarithedoubt?

What dreams might you go for?

What travel might you choose?

What adventures might you say YES to?

What magic might be able to find you?

I wonder...

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